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Cancer Treatment

Lifefount hospital prides herself as a leading hospital in cancer treatment which includes but not limited to Cancer diagnosis, Chemotherapy, and Surgical Management and Care. We also give amazing emotional and social support to our clients, hence seeing them through the entire period of management and beyond.


Endoscopy is a non invasive procedure using a flexible scope containing a light source and camera to see inside of the patient using mainly natural orifices. Those who can benefit from this includes people with difficulty in swallowing or digesting food as well as individuals with difficulty in passing stool, vomiting blood or passage of blood in stool, abdominal discomfort, peptic ulcer or anyone with weight loss of unknown origin.
In addition, healthy individuals above the age of 40 years are advised to have periodic endoscopy as part of medical check to screen for cancer or pre-cancerous growths. Early detection of cancer gives higher chances of cure. Endoscopy can be used for both diagnosis and treatment of some condition.

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We provide healthcare beyond hospital walls. We give online consultations and second opinion to clients across the globe with the use of digital technology making healthcare accessible with the services of our vast network of professionals.

Lifefount Hospital
April 30, 2023

I couldn’t walk long distance. For every step I take, I have to take a break and rest. It started getting worse, and I came to Lifefount Hospital with these complaints. A series of tests were done, and the result showed I had a tumor in my spleen, almost the size of a child. I was advised to watch my dietary intake. But mostly, I didn’t pay attention. It was a scary experience. Eventually, I was operated on, and a tumor weighing 3.45kg and 25cm long was removed.

Before the surgery, I take pints of blood every three months. But after the surgery, all that stopped. I must commend the entire Lifefount team. The doctors and staff were extremely nice. I’ve never met a hospital with great services and good staffing.

Lifefount Hospital
April 11, 2023

It was in 2021 that I fell, hitting my chest on the floor in the process. I was fine after the fall and didn’t see the need for a visit to the hospital. But shortly after, I started having serious chest pain. The pain was mostly coming from my left breast. I went to a diagnostic center for a test, which showed  I had a lump in my breast. I was referred to Lifefount International Hospital. The lump was removed and sent to the laboratory. It turns out it was cancerous. Had I not removed it, things would have spiraled out of control.

I started chemotherapy immediately. The CMD (Lifefount Hospital) said I should do another test after four (4) chemotherapy. I went for the CT scan, and after the 3rd chemo, there were still traces of the cancerous lumps. After three months of Chemotherapy, I was referred to a radiotherapy center in Lagos for radiotherapy for three weeks, which I did and was cleared of all the lumps.

I did another scan for the right breast, and there’s nothing there. I only go for a regular checkup now. I survived!

The staff of Lifefount Hospital are caring, and the attention they gave me was 100%. The CMD is a down-to-earth man who would come down to my level to explain things to me. And his team of doctors are unforgettable too.