Cancer Care

April 30, 2023 0 Comments 0 tags
Mr. A. Olaniyi
Age: 39 years
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Cancer Care

I couldn’t walk long distance. For every step I take, I have to take a break and rest. It started getting worse, and I came to Lifefount Hospital with these complaints. A series of tests were done, and the result showed I had a tumor in my spleen, almost the size of a child. I was advised to watch my dietary intake. But mostly, I didn’t pay attention. It was a scary experience. Eventually, I was operated on, and a tumor weighing 3.45kg and 25cm long was removed.

Before the surgery, I take pints of blood every three months. But after the surgery, all that stopped. I must commend the entire Lifefount team. The doctors and staff were extremely nice. I’ve never met a hospital with great services and good staffing.