my breast lump was removed successfully at Lifefount Hospital

April 11, 2023 0 Comments
Adeolu O.
Age: 60
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my breast lump was removed successfully at Lifefount Hospital

I went for a mammogram in 2016, and nothing was seen. Mammogram is an x-ray test to check if a cancerous cell exists in the breast. In 2019, I started feeling lumps in my right breast. I paraded several hospitals, but they found nothing in the breast. I could feel it but they saw nothing! It was mysterious.

In 2020, I went for another mammogram at the Teaching Hospital, and this time, a small lump was found. The lump was right under my armpit. I was told it could be cancerous and advised to remove it. A friend referred me to Lifefount International Hospital as the trusted healthcare provider that handles cancer basically. So, I went to the hospital in June 2021. The CMD also said I should have the lump removed for safety. The operation was done the following month, and to the Glory of God, I was totally freed. God used Lifefount International Hospital for me.

The members of staff are a great team of well-groomed ladies and gentlemen. I had a good rapport with them the entire time I was on admission.

l would recommend Lifefount Hospital to anyone.