Excellent Customer Support

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Mrs. F.A Shodende
Age: 55 years.
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Excellent Customer Support

It was in 2021 that I fell, hitting my chest on the floor in the process. I was fine after the fall and didn’t see the need for a visit to the hospital. But shortly after, I started having serious chest pain. The pain was mostly coming from my left breast. I went to a diagnostic center for a test, which showed  I had a lump in my breast. I was referred to Lifefount International Hospital. The lump was removed and sent to the laboratory. It turns out it was cancerous. Had I not removed it, things would have spiraled out of control.

I started chemotherapy immediately. The CMD (Lifefount Hospital) said I should do another test after four (4) chemotherapy. I went for the CT scan, and after the 3rd chemo, there were still traces of the cancerous lumps. After three months of Chemotherapy, I was referred to a radiotherapy center in Lagos for radiotherapy for three weeks, which I did and was cleared of all the lumps.

I did another scan for the right breast, and there’s nothing there. I only go for a regular checkup now. I survived!

The staff of Lifefount Hospital are caring, and the attention they gave me was 100%. The CMD is a down-to-earth man who would come down to my level to explain things to me. And his team of doctors are unforgettable too.